Coring Optimisation

  • Our approach is to provide operators with access to a tailored engineering resource that provides a cost-effective technical solution for planning, designing and implementing their exploration and production needs. Using our experienced personnel that have worked on coring and optimisation projects most recently in Australasia and the Asia Pacific region plus experienced in other global locations. – we can offer a complete coring optimisation service. This service can extend from writing or advising on coring tenders, conducting audits on coring service companies to planning and overseeing coring operations on a well. We can monitor coring offshore or remotely using the operators real time software as done previously for operators in Australia and Indonesia.

Recent optimisation work:

  • On a recent coring job with a major international drilling company Aztech Coring Optimisation services assisted with improvements, 3 x 36m cores were cut with each having 100% recovery in a field that has never been able to fill a core barrel.
  • Aztech coring optimisation was asked to conduct an after action review (AAR) between a major drilling company and coring service provider. This independent AAR resulted in uncovering major operational errors including poor pre job planning faults from both parties that contributed to coring failures. The Aztech AAR findings have changed the way both parties now approach coring operations and pre job planning. Quote from the drilling company is that “we wont core again without Aztech being involved in our coring operations” this is from very beginning of pre job planning, pre job load out of equipment, monitoring the coring real time at the rig site and a follow up AAR.
  • Regularly brought in to compile cost comparisons between coring service providers and conduct a rig time line of coring operations to give the drilling companies an accurate cost estimate of the entire coring operation.
  • Our recommendations given to drilling companies in the very early planning stages including pre coring tendering has saved them significant time and changed the approach of how the coring operations will be planned including equipment used.
  • Written technical tendering documents for major operators in Australasia. This has saved the drilling company substantial time and cost savings that will be seen for the duration of the tender and ongoing operations.