Aztech Well Construction

Aztech – has established itself as a client-focused and dynamic company providing Well Project Management solutions. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity keeping the best interests of our clients a priority at all times.

  • Unlike other project management companies Aztech will not just provide just a group of independent consultants or bodies to perform a project. Aztech prides itself on providing a team of drilling industry professionals that are driven to perform and to provide the best result for their client.

  • We do not believe you need a large team to run a drilling program - but you do need to have the right combination of individuals between the field and in the office.

  • We focus on being able to minimise costs to our clients through creation of a "right-sized" team - with a blend of expertise in specific areas brought in as required through the project life cycle. This flexibility on team structure and work process to minimise costs is a hallmark of the Aztech philosophy.

  • Wherever we operate, our approach is to use a core team of individuals who are familiar with the local government regulations and requirements and are able to work efficiently within the system, optimising planning periods and again enabling us to minimise costs for our clients.

We recognise that people are the key to success, so we employ and work with those who reflect our approach, people who take a pride in delivering high performance outcomes.